Danger Wolf and Safety Bunny

Danger Wolf and Safety Bunny are masked vigilantes that inhabit a comic book world created by myself and a friend of mine, Jay Richardson. Jay wrote the first issue of Danger Wolf, and I wrote the first issue of Safety Bunny. We are gearing up to run a Kickstarter campaign to finish and release these comics and establish the Danger Wolf universe.

In addition to co-creating this world, I also illustrated the covers for each, designed the typeface used as lettering (Vigilante Sans),  designed packaging for action figures (sculpted by Kenita Hale), as well as point-of-purchase displays for the comic books.

This comic book is very dark and gritty. We felt that the aesthetic and materials used should also feel very gritty and rough. The comics were printed on uncoated newsprint, and all typography and illustration were done by hand. Elements of the packaging, from the hanging hole to the barcode were also considered and approached with this aesthetic in mind.

Safety Bunny comic book designed and written by James Thornton, cover illustration by James Thornton, interior illustration by Tevy Khou. 

Concept Development, Book Design, Typography, Illustration, Writing