BENT is a theoretical organization that hosts workshops and publishes a magazine aimed at making ‘circuit-bending’ available to people as a creative medium.

The BENT Wire was a prototype for an installation for different hosting spaces in which people could become introduced to the idea of circuit-bending.

The installation consisted of a wire mounted from the floor to the ceiling of a dark room. As somebody enters the room, they are tracked by the BENT logo, which glitches through its modular states. As they approach the wire they are enveloped in light. If they grab the wire, the room comes alive with the screeching sounds of digital oscillators colored light that projects onto individuals in the room.

The installation uses Arduino, capacitive sensors, and Piezo discs to pick up vibrations and resistance from the wire, Processing to interpret data from the Arduino, and drive the oscillators and process/effect the Piezo disc audio signal. Processing also controls the projected content, while an X-Box Kinnect established the location of the people in the room for the projections to be aimed at.

Identity Design, Interactive Installation, Publication Design, Web Design